AR-15 Fundamentals

So… you’re ready to buy, you’ve bought, or maybe even built, an AR-15?  Awesome!  Now you need to be able to use it properly, clean it effectively, and thoroughly understand how it works.  You need training.

Join us for 7-8 hours of classroom and range instruction as our Chief Instructor, R. Ian Davis, delivers our AR-15 Fundamentals course designed by none other than the USCCA.

A brief look at

What You’ll Learn

RID firing M4

Safety & Training Goals

Concepts of Counter-Ambush Training and Combat-Focused Shooting

Practical Shooting Skills to Survive a Critical Dynamic Incident

What the class will be like…

Classroom Environment

Typically, the classroom setting for this class is entirely in person in our West Pittsburgh-area facilities in Bulger, PA. It can, however, be delivered at a location of your choosing if there are sufficient students to warrant a class.

Class Duration

This class is a total of approximately 3 classroom hours, and 3-4 live-fire range hours.

Class Size

Because this is a live-fire course, safety considerations require a class size of not greater than 10 students.  Classes may be rescheduled if there is insufficient registration.


There are no mandatory prerequisites (except, of course, legally owning/possessing an AR-15 or suitable variant).  Students need not have ever shot their AR-15… new shooters are welcome.

What To Bring To The Class

When you come to the class, you will need:

  • Note-taking material
  • A curious and open mind
  • No ammunition whatsoever, just leave it in your car.
  • A water bottle or other refreshments suitable for the class duration.  Refreshments may be provided for some classes – check the individual class.

Range Environment

Most commonly we will be shooting at our home range, Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club, in Bulger, PA, located here.  This is an outdoor range with a clubhouse which includes bathrooms.  Check the temperature for Bulger, PA, to determine suitable clothing.  Layering may be appropriate

Occasionally the range day will be held elsewhere.  The specific registration page for each class will indicate the location of the range as well as the classroom (if applicable).

What To Bring To The Range

When you come to the range, you will need: 

  • Protective eyewear
  • Protective earwear
  • A freshly cleaned, fully-functioning AR-15 or variant.
  • 250 rounds of full metal jacket ammunition suitable for your rifle. You may have some ammo left over to be used for practicing your new skills.
  • Footwear suitable for the terrain (no open-toed shoes)
  • Water
  • Note-taking material
  • An attitude consistent with a student who is willing to be an attentive, diligent and safe learner.

What You Will Receive

Successful participants will also receive a certificate from Intrepid Firearms Academy signed by that organzation as well as your instructor.

Typical Fee

The normal fee for this class is $250.00.   This includes the classroom and live-fire range training and certification from Intrepid Firearms Academy. Please check the individual class page before registering to see if there are modification for the specific class.  In addition, our home range requires non-members to pay a $25 range use fee.

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