Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals

This is a non-shooting course that will equip citizens with the ability to provide emergency first-aid to others in a variety of situations.  Included in the course are topics such as Establishing Scene Safety; Patient Assessment; Traumatic Emergencies (severe bleeding, sucking chest wounds, and more); Medical Emergencies (cardiac emergencies, environmental emergencies, and more); and building your own small, medium or large individual first aid kit (IFAK).  This course qualifies under the US Occupational Health & Safety Act as an OSHA-approved workplace first aid course.

A brief look at

What You’ll Learn

Patient Assessment

Patient & Scene Assessment

Treat Traumatic & Medical Emergencies

Build your own Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

What the class will be like…

Classroom Environment

The classroom setting for this class is indoors.  There is no shooting range activity at all for this course. 

Class Duration

This class is a total of approximately 6 in-person instructional hours.

Class Size

Because this is a hands-on class, class size is limited to 10 students.  Classes may be rescheduled if there is insufficient registration.


There are no prerequisites of any kind for this course.

What To Bring To The Class

When you come to the class, you will need:

  • Note-taking material
  • A curious and open mind

What You Will Receive

All participants will receive:

  • a well-researched and well-written, full-color text for this class
  • a certificate from Intrepid Firearms Academy signed by your instructor
  • valuable information to help you safeguard yourself and your loved ones
  • confirmation that this course is OSHA certified.

Typical Fee

The normal fee for this class is $200.00.  For customized classes (i.e. all students are within a single organization) and large classes, special pricing may be available.

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