Private Instruction

This is private instruction, purchased on an hourly basis for as many hours as you wish (and as are available).  You may even pick your own instructor from our team of national-certified firearms educators.

This is ideal for the person who:

  • is uncomfortable learning in groups
  • wants to quickly diagnose specific problems
  • wants to accelerate their game in a hurry
  • wants to get supervised range time when they don’t have access to a range

We have four variants with decreasing hourly rates per person:

Fully Private Instruction (1:1 instructor/student ratio)

Semi-Private Instruction

  • 2:1 – couples? 2 friends? parent/child?
  • 3:1 – couple + child/friend? family of 3? roommates?
  • 4:1 – family of four? 2 couples?