Basic Life Support

This is a non-shooting course that will certify you as having been trained by the American Heart Association (AHA) in Basic Life Support (BLS) which includes CPR and AED.  This course includes CPR and AED for adults, children, and infants.  You will be certified as an AHA Provider for BLS and will receive an official card from the AHA.  The BLS course is suitable not only for individual citizens, but is suitable for the health care professional as well.

A brief look at

What You’ll Learn

Chain of Survival

Delivering High Quality CPR to Adults, Children & Infants

Integrating a Modern AED Into Your Rescucitation

What the class will be like…

Classroom Environment

The classroom setting for this class is indoors.

Class Duration

This class is a total of 2.5 – 3 in-person instructional hours.

Class Size

Class size may be limited by the available number of instructors and manikins/AED trainers. Classes may be rescheduled if there is insufficient registration.  Limitations will be apparent when you attempt to book a particular date on the calendar.


There are no prerequisites of any kind for this course.

What To Bring To The Class

When you come to the class, you will need:

  • Note-taking material
  • A curious and open mind

What You Will Receive

All successful participants will receive:

  • an AHA BLS provider card indicating you have been certified by the AHA as a BLS provider.
  • if you would like an AHA BLS Provider Manual as a reference to take home, one can be provided for a small fee.

Typical Fee

The normal fee for this class is $60.00.  

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