Introduction to the AR-15 Platform (AR-15 101)

$200.00 per student

  • August 2021
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So… you’re ready to buy, you’ve bought, or maybe even built, an AR-15?  Awesome!  Now you need to be able to use it properly, clean it effectively, and thoroughly understand how it works.  You need training.  You need an Introduction to the AR-15 Platform (AR-15 101).

Join us for six hours of in-depth training from one of our Master Instructors: Randy Levander (USCCA Certified Instructor; NRA-certified Pistol Instructor; USAF Combat Arms Instructor; Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training – ALERRT Instructor) as he delivers first rate classroom and range instruction on the AR-15 platform.  Lunch will be provided by Mama Pepino’s Pizza.  If you need both the gun and the training we can help.  Our retail partner, Gunner Arms and Ammo can sell you an AR-15.  Just inquire.


Important notes to keep in mind for Introduction to the AR-15 Platform (AR-15 101):

  • To pick an available class, navigate through the months of the calendar until a date shows up in the calendar.  That is a date on which this class has been scheduled.  Click that date on the calendar.
  • We will keep round count to a minimum of approximately 50 rounds because of the high cost of ammunition. This indoor class will require frangible ammunition.  The indoor range limitations require us to have frangible ammo with rifle rounds at/smaller than 5.56mm NATO and pistol rounds at/smaller than .45 ACP.  In particular, we cannot allow rifle ammunition whose caliber is 7.62mm or .308 (or larger) at the indoor range.  If you need assistance in finding frangible ammunition in any of these calibers, just ask.
  • Your spot is safely secured by completing the payment process rather than merely the reservation. Please be sure to go to your cart and finalize the transaction with payment.

Thank you for being a responsibly armed American.  Liberty begins with you!



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