Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals – Instructor Development

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$500.00 per student

So… you’re a protector… a sheepdog.  And you have the gift of teaching?

We get it.  We do too.  You want to join a cadre of professional educators who love our country, our freedoms, and our rights.  You want to join the movement to educate other citizens in the safe and effective use of firearms to protect themselves, their loved ones, and other innocents.  We’ve got you covered.

Become a USCCA-Certified Instructor.

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Upon successfully completing this course, you will become USCCA Certified Instructor, uniquely authorized to teach the USCCA course, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. This course has become the gold standard across the United States for law abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry permit. As a USCCA certified instructor, you will be trained and equipped to provide world-class instruction to students. You will have access to our world class classroom materials (including a full set of PowerPoint presentations and classroom videos). During this two-day training course, you’ll be taught by a USCCA Training Counselor on a number of valuable topics, including: The top ten instructor mistakes, and how to avoid them; teaching best practices; and running a safe live fire range. You’ll also have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the USCCA training material through seven short presentations to a group of your peers, as well as running a live fire range, guiding your peers through the safe completion of the USCCA course of fire. After completion of this course, you’ll not only be intimately familiar with the USCCA training methodology and materials, you’ll be a far better instructor and presenter, regardless of the topic of choice.

1 review for Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals – Instructor Development

  1. T Williams

    R.Ian Davis is a diligent, caring, respectful and knowledgeable instructor who delivers the content in such a way as to challenge your thinking while at the same time imparting valuable information and knowledge. His methods allow his students to not only gain practical skills, but to also become well- equipped to commence teaching professionally and with confidence.

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